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2009 Events

December 2009

December 15

UJA Community Connections Seminar

Organization: Community Connections Fellowship
Topic: the importance of interfaith relations, partnership building, etc.
Panelists: Daisy Khan and UJA-Federation Network Agency Executives
Location: New York, NY
Contact: Karen Lander

November 2009

November 13

Weekend of Twinning

Topic: "Confronting Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism Together"
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Sutton Place Synagogue, New York, NY
Contact: Harriet Janover

November 9

Peace is Possible Benefit

Organization: Auburn Theological Seminary
Panelists: Daisy Khan, Face to Face alumni, etc.
Location: Guastavino's, New York, NY
Contact: Shari Brink
Comments: Daisy Khan provided a two-minute blessing

November 4

Religion, Media and Culture: Islam and the Media

Organization: The Paley Center for Media
Panelists: Daisy Khan, Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub, Maria Ebrahimji, Aziz Fahmy Farag, and Dr. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons
Location: New York, NY
Audience: approximately 200 people
Contact: Ritty Burchfield

October 2009

October 30

Abu Dhabi Project

Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Guggenheim Foundation Offices, New York, NY

October 9

Women's Leadership and Activism in Muslim Worlds

Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado
Contact: Candace Walworth

September 2009

September 30

Media and the Muslim World

Organization: The Paley Center for Media
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: New York, NY

September 22

The Muslim Women's Fund Speaker Series

Organization: The Muslim Women's Fund
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: New York, NY
Comments: Daisy Khan discusses Jihad against Violence

September 14

DHS Roundtable with General Counsel

Organization: Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: John Jay College, New York, NY

August 2009

August 3-4

Policy Consultation of International Faith-based Organizations

Organization: UNFPA
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: New York, NY
Contact: Ms. Madiha Awais

July 2009

July 23-24

PrimeMovers Seminar II

Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Washington, DC

June 2009

June 9

Muslim Women: Social Change and Social Justice

Organization: The Sister Fund and the Rockefeller Philanthropic Advisors
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: New York, NY
Contact: Laura Golob

May 2009

May 1

Location: Jericho High School

Speaker: Daisy Khan
Comments: Daisy Khan taught a class at the high school

April 2009

April 30

The Women's Funding Network Annual Conference 2009

Organization: Women's Funding Network
Topic: "Investing in Women: Worldwide Return"
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Georgia, Atlanta

April 22-23

PrimeMovers Seminar I

Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Cambridge, MA

April 6-7

Second Alliance of Civilizations Forum

Organization: The Alliance of Civilizations
Topic: advance intercultural understanding
Panelists: Daisy Khan and political, business, and media leaders
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

February 2009

February 20

Women in Philanthropy

Organization: Charter 100 (a woman's club)
Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

February 13-16

Musawah for Equality in the Family

Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

February 8

Developing a Jewish-Muslim Exchange

Speaker: Daisy Khan
Location: Society for the Advancement of Judaism, New York, NY
Contact: Rabbi Peter Schweitzer

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